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Eden Shaer

Q. How Long have you been running Facebook now, Eden?

I started buying media on facebook back in 2016, today we also rely on other traffic sources, for example, Snapchat; as we are heavily invested in video advertising this platform has a lot of potential for specific verticals right now if run right.

Q. Tell us about Jello Media and your Journey to where you are now?

I found my passion for marketing and advertising in the UK promotions industry developing campaigns for leading entertainment and retail brands nationwide.

After a trip to Israel in 2013, I fell in love with the fast-paced business environment which was extremely refreshing for me compared to the UK.

I started on the advertiser side in operations and business development, after being welcomed into the arms of the online industry in Tel Aviv I was able to become one of the youngest company directors of iGaming, generating 7 figures monthly.

Jello Media was founded in 2016 off the back of my first two intensive JV's with Guillaume Meex and Cherry Pop Media to whom I was fortunate to work with; welcoming me into the affiliate community and helping me transition to the publisher side.

I realized early on that the only way to find stability in such a dynamic industry was through operational infrastructure and chose to focus my energies on building out a systemized team with a strong focus on technology.

Today we have 3 parts to the business; Media Buying, Technology and Offer Creation with a full-service team on each.

Q. What are your go-to sources for getting up to date industry knowledge?

Mastermind, JV's, Mastermind, and JV some more. My mantra is “success by inclusion” and my business model was always based on leveraging the resources of a collective, by working in Joint Ventures to gain competitive advantages in the industry. Masterminding and sharing with like-minded people is very important for me, this is how I started and remains a core ongoing practice in my business.

In an industry that is always evolving and changing I prefer giving without expecting in return, as opposed to keeping your cards close to your chest; its a smarter long-term approach.

Q. Facebook has over 6 Million advertisers now so I’d imagine they don’t care if you’re spending 100k a day on ad spend and probably care more about User experience. How important is user experience in your eyes?

Massive. Facebook has an abundance of advertisers at this point and continues to see growth quarterly.

They don't care if you're spending $1,000,000 or $100. Their long-term goal is to grow their user base/user retention, and yes one of their biggest factors here is of course UX.

Their business model is an online advertising platform which feeds off how many users are on their platform.

Facebook has introduced several measurement factors in which they will reward advertisers who achieve this for them.

They are now measuring each advertisers' “user feedback score”, page score, engagement versus other advertisers, conversions against other advertisers using metrics like bounce back-rates based on the scroll of a screen amongst other things.

All of these are clear measurements to penalize users if their only objective is to make money versus help them care about their ecosystem.

If you want to become successful on Facebook in the long-term you need to understand these measurements and be sure to fulfil them.

Q. It's clear you took a unique approach entering this space building your business model around collaboration. What's the most JV's you ever had running simultaneously and what would you recommend others do to set up their business to be a conducive environment for such collaboration?

haha, I remember back at the start of 2018 I was working on 6 intensive Joint Ventures at once, that was an interesting quarter indeed.

The only reason I could do this was that I had set up the main departments of my business resources to run by themselves. For others, I'd recommend shedding the "one-man-band" mentality and think operation.

Identify what takes up all your time and if it should, outsource and delegate to others where you can. Streamline the way you work using tools and technologies readily available for affiliate marketing (don't start by developing your own).

Be open to outside sources, collaboration, build a network, and most importantly be open to giving a little to get a lot back.

By working in this way you're able to identify where you and your business can benefit from collaboration with others and keep this in mind when looking into JV opportunities.

Work Smarter not harder - This is the basic principle for beneficial collaboration in my opinion.

Q. Biggest challenges to face for Facebook advertisers in 2019?

I believe this will be figuring out how to keep the users on your page longer, how to maintain longevity to your advertisement inventory by keeping high-quality products that do not have a lot of chargebacks and negative user feedback.

Your main goal as an advertiser will be to keep both parties happy. The traffic as well as the platform.

Facebook has long been known to disable Facebook accounts. They are disabling accounts on the basis that they are finding specific patterns that identify an ad account with malicious or poor advertisement behaviours.

I believe customer service orientated products and business models can help combat this also.

You must be cautious in what you advertise and the claims your making as Facebook has been hit with major lawsuits because of their advertisers, bringing new definitions to "what can be implied" AND what will make an advertiser profitable, are sometimes two different things. The challenge is finding this balance.

Q. Eden, you’re evidently and indisputably driven by success. But what else drives you?

Family. Opportunity. I was lucky enough to be raised in a loving family who allowed me to find my way in the world.

Any success I have experienced over the years in business has always been through a sense of family with trust built on relationships with like-minded individuals being open to opportunity and change.

The more I succeed, the more I can give back to those who helped me get to where I am today, and offer the same opportunities to others to realize their full potential.

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