Ian Fernando Talks FBA and FBM

The Brand Arbitrage King

Ian Fernando

Q. How Did You Fall into AffiliateMarketing?

 I got into affiliate marketing by accident.Essentially, I was working 3 jobs to just live and I wanted to at least just have 1 solid job.

So, I use affiliate marketing as a side-project to help me relieve myself of the 2 other jobs.

All I did was google, make money online.The results gave me lots of options from blogging to eBay, to reselling to info products, etc.

The problem with all of those was that while working 3 jobs, I cannot handle customer care properly. So, I googled how to make money without customers and products, affiliate marketing came up.

With that, I learned about affiliate networks and realize there was an affiliate network in New York.

They helped me reach my first 1k goal with a seasonal offer and I was impressed and was like wow internet monies is real.

In the end affiliate marketing chose me andI didn’t even think I would be a full-time affiliate. 

Q. You’re working with Amazon FBA right now, Tell us about it? 

Everyone is getting into eCom and I want to try to ride the whip as well.

So, I looked into Amazon and found that there is a huge market for it. I didn’t even realize that 50% of sales come from 3rd party suppliers like me.

So, I spent easily the best part of 2 weeks watching YouTube and learned all I can from it, then I spent the other 2 weeks on a purpose failed learning, easiest and fastest way to gain experience in the process of Amazon.

It is crazy how fast items sell on Amazon and the sheer volume it has, it is almost easier than affiliate marketing at times.

Currently, I am doing all arbitrage because branded products are already brand-able and are easily sold via Amazon.

I think it is easier, in my opinion, to sell right away without spending too much on inventory but the issue is scalability.

Unless you go wholesale but that is another venue I have to test and gain experience in.

Q. How did your 21-day Video Blog Go andWhat made you do this challenge?

The 21 Day challenge was a way to keep me accountable. I have been slacking on my blog recently and I wanted to see if I can teach my self how to be focused on a fixed goal.

I accomplished it but I also had days whereI wasn’t consistent.

I was inspired by my cousin as well, he started an online business I believe in the self-development space and one of his self-challenges was to be transparent and public himself.

So I decided to join him on the challenge and just keep myself accountable.

Q. What have been the 3 biggest milestones in your career so far? 

I think one was being allowed to speak, selling a company, and reaching a dollar amount goal in the bank.

I think those are my most memorable-milestones that have happened in my online career so far.

Each one was special just because I never really seek out to be a speaker, sell a company, or reach an amount in the bank.

It happened mostly by accident and just through hard work.

This was kind of awkward because usually, I try to set goals and result from goals but to me at the time of each milestoneI was just having fun and enjoying what I was doing.

Q. What was your first traffic source? 

My first PAID traffic source was Google and it was the first one I had success with. If we are talking about free, I remember spamming Myspace.

I then got into the space to test out multiple traffic sources as there is traffic everywhere that is usable to a point.

Q.How much would a newbie be looking at to started with FBA?

Honestly, you only need maybe $100 or less to start because you can start out with selling books you have laying around the house.

I learned by selling books first.


The only cost you'll need is for the shipping of the items and this will easily be less than 100$.


I wrote a post about it on my site actually on how to start and once you get familiar with selling, you can get into arbitrage which is what I mostly do.


The next step for me would be to do wholesale.


Arbitrage is the best way to start selling and learning because products are already branded and already are selling on Amazon.


Q.Why Does Brand Arbitrage work best for you?

 It works because there is already a demand there instead of creating a demand.


When you do any private label, you can get hit with a CND from the original idea maker or a bigger brand.


The most painful part with private label is to create a brand around the product and that can be time consuming in itself.


Wherewith retain arbitrage, it already has some sales and all you are doing is competing with other 3rd party vendors.


It can be annoying at times but having price wars and understanding numbers is better than trying to create a full ecosystem branded product.


Q.What Tools do you use the most?

 I use 2 tools, I use BuyBotPro which helps me auto analyze the items  

This one chrome extension helps with telling me the right numbers and if I can sell an item or not.


Providing me with unique data points to make my own decisions.

There are other tools too but I think this tool itself is the best to use in the game of arbitrage.


Q.Why FBA and not FBM?

 I would rather Amazon handle all the shipping and customer service. My main job is to find products for Amazon customers and ship it to amazon.


WhenI first started online, I had trouble keeping up with customer service and it was a hard part with another one of my business.


WithFBA, I do not handle anything besides finding products to sell and then shipping it to Amazon.


FBM means that you handle the customers and you handle the product fulfilment.


I personally would rather pay the monthly fees because the customers would rather get their products right away.


Amazon has created this culture of NOW and FBA is worth the monthly cost as more and more people rather pay for convince.


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