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Paul Jey is Back with more juicy

Paul Jey

Paul Jey was kind enough to once again give us some of his valuable spare time in between crushing Facebook and launching campaigns. Here's what he had to say.

Q. Are you starting to see any leniency from FB yet?

Yes, back in March I know a ton of affiliates were getting hammered from FB policy team.

Now it seems a little lighter but not by much. It’s clear they have updated their compliance policies and AI for detecting it. Sadly for affiliates, it’s only going to continue to be more challenging as time goes on and things get more strict.

Q. What are you considering the best traffic sources for Affiliates pros right now and why?

Most of the big guys are still focused on Facebook, Google, and Native. While other sources might have perks off easier compliance etc they lack the scale or traffic quality affiliates need to run big volumes.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most this year in terms of tools?

FB spy tools. I hope someone can come in with a beast of a tool that has a really extensive database.

Since FB started cracking down on third-party tools who resell their data a side effect is now a lot of the spy tools don’t have as many scraped ads in them as did say 2-3 years ago.

Q. You missed a killer show at AWE, Barcelona. Arguably the best show yet. What are you looking forward to at AWA, Bangkok?

Yeah, I had mad FOMO! But there was too much going at the office at the time to step away for a euro vacay.

Asia is always a great man. Get to catch up with friends from the other side of the world who don’t always make it out to AWA.

Also nice to get under the sun and hot weather when it’s cold here in Canada at that time haha.

Q. For any affiliate marketer out there, How important is the communication between you and the affiliate manager? I feel that a lot of affiliates out here take this possible channel of useful information for granted. They tend to not want to listen to their account manager and just assume they’re after the conversions and bonuses. Or just not take into consideration the knowledge they may have on what works, what converts and what’s big.

I think it’s a trust thing. Both parties have to understand they are looking out for each other and the incentives are properly aligned.

A good affiliate manager knows feeding the right information and providing the right support will allow their pubs to scale.

A good affiliate also knows that a well-versed affiliate manager is looking out for their best interest and trying to make the relationship work for the long run. The best thing here is to develop a good relationship with your AMs where there is trust so both sides can let down their guard and work transparently together.

Q. Predictions on upcoming challenges for FB marketers?

Facebook is facing its $5B fine and all the conditions it has to uphold now as part of that settlement.

So there is going to be a lot of oversight on privacy, policy, elections, etc. Marketers are already seeing the fall out from some of these big lawsuits. Facebook lawsuits around credit profiling, housing, etc has now resulted in ads being flagged for these categories having certain targeting options removed or going under secondary review.

The more lawsuits and problems for Facebook the more it is going to trickle down into your ads manager as little red boxes haha.

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