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ZorbasMedia In The House!

Stan Semyonov

ZorbasMedia is an international information resource that comprehensively covers traffic monetization.


They explore affiliate marketing from the inside out so that everyone can discover new ideas and opportunities for growth.


If you want to read about affiliate marketing, SEO and mobile app monetization, then ZorbasMedia is a perfect platform for you.


Their articles are read across the globe. And more importantly, their audience is 100% the industry representatives ranging from beginner affiliates to the CEOs of major companies.


ZorbasMedia is an incredibly reliable source of information.


Zorbasmedia went to Bangkok to meet with representatives of the largest companies and top affiliates to talk about all things affiliate marketing. Passing trends of 2019 and upcoming of 2020. What to expect and what to avoid.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Stan, from Zorbas Media, here's what I asked


Q. Tell us how the Idea of Zorbas Media came to life? 

 We used to be affiliates and one day we realized that the niche of high-quality content is still not obtained and we decided to give something new to the market 🙂 


Also, we noticed there is a high interest among WW companies who want to attract Russian speaking affiliates to cooperate, and a lot of companies from CIS community who want to reach WW market, so as you know demand creates supply and we are here 🙂


Q. Why should someone starting in Affiliate or mobile marketing check you guys out? 

 We are targeted not only for pros and middle affiliates. One of ZorbasMedia’s goals is to educate the community, supply valuable content that will help the beginners to start and succeed in the industry. Today one affiliate is only the beginner, tomorrow he is already top 


Q. Why do you guys have the best content available?

 Cos we take care of our standards and quality of the content. We respect our audience. Affiliate is first of all the smart personality and high-quality professionals. That’s why after 1 year - everybody knows ZorbasMedia. 


Q. What do you guys at the ZorbasMedia office predict will be the biggest trends of 2020? 

 Crypto, gambling, dating, Nutra SS/Trials. 


Q. How was AWA2012 for you guys?

 AWA was pretty awesome. We were one of 6 official media partners of the show. The conference was amazing, we met all our partners in person, explored the opportunities for 2020, provided the best pre-party together with Clickdealer and Datspush, rocked out with the breakdancer Benjamin on the best after-party hosted by Media500.

AWA is a pretty efficient show because you can meet a lot of Asian companies, start working with them exploring new markets. 


Q. What can we expect from ZorbasMedia in 2020? We are working on several exclusive projects now, which will explode in 2020. Our main goal is to provide useful, educational content and give value to the affiliates, unite communities worldwide, built bridges between markets. 

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